CK_HS_HASH - Man Page

invoke hash function with hash set seed


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


#include <ck_hs.h>

unsigned long
CK_HS_HASH(ck_hs_t *hs, ck_hs_hash_cb_t *hf, const void *key);


The CK_HS_HASH(3) macro will invoke the hash function pointed to by the hf argument with the seed value associated with hs and the key pointer specified by the key argument.

Return Values

This function will return the value returned by the hf function.


It is expected hs was previously initialized via ck_hs_init(3).

See Also

ck_hs_init(3), ck_hs_destroy(3), ck_hs_iterator_init(3), ck_hs_next(3), ck_hs_get(3), ck_hs_put(3), ck_hs_set(3), ck_hs_remove(3), ck_hs_grow(3), ck_hs_count(3), ck_hs_reset(3), ck_hs_stat(3)

Additional information available at

Referenced By

ck_hs_apply(3), ck_hs_count(3), ck_hs_destroy(3), ck_hs_fas(3), ck_hs_gc(3), ck_hs_get(3), ck_hs_grow(3), ck_hs_init(3), ck_hs_iterator_init(3), ck_hs_move(3), ck_hs_next(3), ck_hs_put(3), ck_hs_put_unique(3), ck_hs_rebuild(3), ck_hs_remove(3), ck_hs_reset(3), ck_hs_reset_size(3), ck_hs_set(3), ck_hs_stat(3).

March 28, 2012