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Atlas::Objects::ObjectsEncoder — Objects hierarchy encoder.  


#include <Encoder.h>

Inherits Atlas::EncoderBase.

Public Member Functions

ObjectsEncoder (Atlas::Bridge &b)
The default constructor.
~ObjectsEncoder ()
The default destructor.
template<class ObjectData > void streamObjectsMessage (const Atlas::Objects::SmartPtr< ObjectData > &o)
Send an object to the bridge.

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Objects hierarchy encoder.

This Encoder can be used to send objects in the Atlas::Objects hierarchy to a certain Bridge (e.g. a codec).

Simply call the streamMessage member with a pointer to the object to be sent.

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Stefanus Du Toit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Atlas::Objects::ObjectsEncoder::ObjectsEncoder (Atlas::Bridge & b) [inline], [explicit]

The default constructor.


b The Bridge to which objects are to be sent.

Member Function Documentation

template<class ObjectData > void Atlas::Objects::ObjectsEncoder::streamObjectsMessage (const Atlas::Objects::SmartPtr< ObjectData > & o) [inline]

Send an object to the bridge.


o The object that is to be sent.


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