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Atlas::Objects — The Atlas high level Objects namespace.  



class BaseObjectData
Atlas base object class.
class DefaultLoadingException
class Dispatcher
Objects hierarchy dispatcher.
class Factories
class NoSuchAttrException
An exception indicating the requested attribute does not exist.
class NoSuchFactoryException
class NullSmartPtrDereference
class ObjectsDecoder
Objects hierarchy decoder.
class ObjectsEncoder
Objects hierarchy encoder.
class RootData
All objects inherit from this.
class SmartPtr


typedef SmartPtr< RootData > Root
typedef Root(* FactoryMethod) (const std::string &, int)
typedef std::map< const std::string, std::pair< FactoryMethod, int > > FactoryMap


void loadDefaults (const std::string &filename)
SmartPtr< RootData > generic_factory (const std::string &name, int no)
SmartPtr< RootData > anonymous_factory (const std::string &name, int no)
template<typename returnPtrType , class fromType > returnPtrType smart_dynamic_cast (const SmartPtr< fromType > &o)
template<typename returnPtrType , class fromType > returnPtrType smart_static_cast (const SmartPtr< fromType > &o)


std::map< const std::string, Root > objectDefinitions
const std::string ID_ATTR
const std::string PARENTS_ATTR
const std::string STAMP_ATTR
const std::string OBJTYPE_ATTR
const std::string NAME_ATTR
const int ID_FLAG = 1 << 1
const int PARENTS_FLAG = 1 << 2
const int STAMP_FLAG = 1 << 3
const int OBJTYPE_FLAG = 1 << 4
const int NAME_FLAG = 1 << 5

Detailed Description

The Atlas high level Objects namespace.

This namespace contains classes used to handle high level Atlas data.


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