ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add.3ssl - Man Page

ASN1_STRING_TABLE manipulation functions


 #include <openssl/asn1.h>

 typedef struct asn1_string_table_st ASN1_STRING_TABLE;

 int ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add(int nid, long minsize, long maxsize,
                           unsigned long mask, unsigned long flags);
 void ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup(void);



ASN1_STRING_TABLE is a table which holds string information (basically minimum size, maximum size, type and etc) for a NID object.


ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add() adds a new ASN1_STRING_TABLE item into the local ASN1 string table based on the nid along with other parameters.

If the item is already in the table, fields of ASN1_STRING_TABLE are updated (depending on the values of those parameters, e.g., minsize and maxsize >= 0, mask and flags != 0). If the nid is standard, a copy of the standard ASN1_STRING_TABLE is created and updated with other parameters.

ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get() searches for an ASN1_STRING_TABLE item based on nid. It will search the local table first, then the standard one.

ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup() frees all ASN1_STRING_TABLE items added by ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add().

Return Values

ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add() returns 1 on success, 0 if an error occurred.

ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get() returns a valid ASN1_STRING_TABLE structure or NULL if nothing is found.

ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup() does not return a value.

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The man pages ASN1_STRING_TABLE.3ssl(3), ASN1_STRING_TABLE_cleanup.3ssl(3) and ASN1_STRING_TABLE_get.3ssl(3) are aliases of ASN1_STRING_TABLE_add.3ssl(3).

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