ASN1_ITEM_lookup.3ssl - Man Page

lookup ASN.1 structures


 #include <openssl/asn1.h>

 const ASN1_ITEM *ASN1_ITEM_lookup(const char *name);
 const ASN1_ITEM *ASN1_ITEM_get(size_t i);


ASN1_ITEM_lookup() returns the ASN1_ITEM name.

ASN1_ITEM_get() returns the ASN1_ITEM with index i. This function returns NULL if the index i is out of range.

Return Values

ASN1_ITEM_lookup() and ASN1_ITEM_get() return a valid ASN1_ITEM structure or NULL if an error occurred.

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The man page ASN1_ITEM_get.3ssl(3) is an alias of ASN1_ITEM_lookup.3ssl(3).

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