studio-system - Man Page

The system end of studio-controls


studio-system command


Studio-system is the system half of studio-controls. It runs commands as system that the gui requires. Only one command can be sent at a time. The commands are effective over reboot.

Security is ensured by not taking any random text as options or commands. Rather commands are limited to those listed.


fix - Fixes rt permissions for the user running studio-controls

boost - Turns CPU BOOST on

noboost - Turns CPU BOOST off

powersave - Sets CPU governor to powersave

ondemand - Sets CPU governor to ondemand or powersave if ondemand is not supported

performance - Sets CPU Governor to performance


studio-system does not take any options.

See Also

studio-controls(1), autojack(2)


No known bugs.


Len Ovens (

Referenced By

autojack(2), studio-controls(1).

16 June 2018 version 2.0