rtas man page

rtas — Allows userspace to call RTAS (Run Time Abstraction Services)


int ppc_rtas (struct rtas_args *uargs);


ppc_rtas enables userspace manipulation of the RunTime Abstraction Services (RTAS). RTAS provides for a portable method of access and setting system information. For example, you could gather information on various system sensors and set poweron values. RTAS is accessed via the /proc entry called "rtas". Manipulations on RTAS are implemented via command line arguments on /proc/rtas. The values for uargs vary greatly. For more information, see the view/arch/ppcKconfig file.

Return Value

rtas returns 0 on success; otherwise it returns one of the errors listed in the "Errors" section.


User does not have CAP_SYS_ADMIN capabilities.
Problem copying uargs values to/from user space.
Either number of uargs passed in too large or size of uargs array too large.


Niki Rahimi.