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nvmf_disc_log_entry - Man Page

Discovery Log Page entry


struct nvmf_disc_log_entry {
   __u8 trtype;
   __u8 adrfam;
   __u8 subtype;
   __u8 treq;
   __le16 portid;
   __le16 cntlid;
   __le16 asqsz;
   __le16 eflags;
   __u8 rsvd12[20];
   char trsvcid[NVMF_TRSVCID_SIZE];
   __u8 rsvd64[192];
   char subnqn[NVME_NQN_LENGTH];
   char traddr[NVMF_TRADDR_SIZE];
   union nvmf_tsas tsas;



Transport Type (TRTYPE): Specifies the NVMe Transport type. See enum nvmf_trtype.


Address Family (ADRFAM): Specifies the address family. See enum nvmf_addr_family.


Subsystem Type (SUBTYPE): Specifies the type of the NVM subsystem that is indicated in this entry. See enum nvme_subsys_type.


Transport Requirements (TREQ): Indicates requirements for the NVMe Transport. See enum nvmf_treq.


Port ID (PORTID): Specifies a particular NVM subsystem port. Different NVMe Transports or address families may utilize the same Port ID value (e.g. a Port ID may support both iWARP and RoCE).


Controller ID (CNTLID): Specifies the controller ID. If the NVM subsystem uses a dynamic controller model, then this field shall be set to FFFFh. If the NVM subsystem uses a static controller model, then this field may be set to a specific controller ID (values 0h to FFEFh are valid). If the NVM subsystem uses a static controller model and the value indicated is FFFEh, then the host should remember the Controller ID returned as part of the Fabrics Connect command in order to re-establish an association in the future with the same controller.


Admin Max SQ Size (ASQSZ): Specifies the maximum size of an Admin Submission Queue. This applies to all controllers in the NVM subsystem. The value shall be a minimum of 32 entries.


Entry Flags (EFLAGS): Indicates additional information related to the current entry. See enum nvmf_disc_eflags.




Transport Service Identifier (TRSVCID): Specifies the NVMe Transport service identifier as an ASCII string. The NVMe Transport service identifier is specified by the associated NVMe Transport binding specification.




NVM Subsystem Qualified Name (SUBNQN): NVMe Qualified Name (NQN) that uniquely identifies the NVM subsystem. For a subsystem, if that Discovery subsystem has a unique NQN (i.e., the NVM Subsystem NVMe Qualified Name (SUBNQN) field in that Discovery subsystem's Identify Controller data structure contains a unique NQN value), then the value returned shall be that unique NQN. If the Discovery subsystem does not have a unique NQN, then the value returned shall be the well-known Discovery Service NQN (nqn.2014-08.org.nvmexpress.discovery).


Transport Address (TRADDR): Specifies the address of the NVM subsystem that may be used for a Connect command as an ASCII string. The Address Family field describes the reference for parsing this field.


Transport specific attribute settings


struct nvmf_disc_log_entry June 2024 API Manual