nvmf_disc_eflags - Man Page

Discovery Log Page entry flags.


enum nvmf_disc_eflags {







Indicates that none of the DUPRETINFO or EPCSD features are supported.


Duplicate Returned Information (DUPRETINFO): Indicates that using the content of this entry to access this Discovery Service returns the same information that is returned by using the content of other entries in this log page that also have this flag set.


Explicit Persistent Connection Support for Discovery (EPCSD): Indicates that Explicit Persistent Connections are supported for the Discovery controller.


No CDC Connectivity (NCC): If set to is currently connected to the CDC. If cleared to '0', then at least one DDC that describes this entry is currently connected to the CDC. If the Discovery controller returning this log page is not a CDC, then this bit shall be cleared to


enum nvmf_disc_eflags February 2024 API Manual