nvme_self_test_log - Man Page

Device Self-test (Log Identifier 06h)


struct nvme_self_test_log {
   __u8 current_operation;
   __u8 completion;
   __u8 rsvd[2];
   struct nvme_st_result   result[NVME_LOG_ST_MAX_RESULTS];



Current Device Self-Test Operation: indicates the status of the current device self-test operation. If a device self-test operation is in process (i.e., this field is set to #NVME_ST_CURR_OP_SHORT or #NVME_ST_CURR_OP_EXTENDED), then the controller shall not set this field to #NVME_ST_CURR_OP_NOT_RUNNING until a new Self-test Result Data Structure is created (i.e., if a device self-test operation completes or is aborted, then the controller shall create a Self-test Result Data Structure prior to setting this field to #NVME_ST_CURR_OP_NOT_RUNNING). See enum nvme_st_curr_op.


Current Device Self-Test Completion: indicates the percentage of the device self-test operation that is complete (e.g., a value of 25 indicates that 25% of the device self-test operation is complete and 75% remains to be tested). If the current_operation field is cleared to #NVME_ST_CURR_OP_NOT_RUNNING (indicating there is no device self-test operation in progress), then this field is ignored.




Self-test Result Data Structures, see struct nvme_st_result.


struct nvme_self_test_log February 2024 API Manual