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nvme_dev_self_test - Man Page

Start or abort a self test


int nvme_dev_self_test (struct nvme_dev_self_test_args *args );



struct nvme_dev_self_test argument structure


The Device Self-test command starts a device self-test operation or abort a device self-test operation. A device self-test operation is a diagnostic testing sequence that tests the integrity and functionality of the controller and may include testing of the media associated with namespaces. The controller may return a response to this command immediately while running the self-test in the background.

Set the 'nsid' field to 0 to not include namespaces in the test. Set to 0xffffffff to test all namespaces. All other values tests a specific namespace, if present.


The nvme command status if a response was received (see enum nvme_status_field) or -1 with errno set otherwise.


June 2024 libnvme API manual