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nbft_ssns_ext_info - Man Page

Subsystem and Namespace Extended Information Descriptor (Figure 19)


struct nbft_ssns_ext_info {
   __u8 structure_id;
   __u8 version;
   __le16 ssns_index;
   __le32 flags;
   __le16 cntlid;
   __le16 asqsz;
   struct nbft_heap_obj dhcp_root_path_str_obj;



Structure ID: This field shall be set to 9h (i.e., SSNS Extended Info; #NBFT_DESC_SSNS_EXT_INFO).


Version: This field shall be set to 1h.


SSNS Descriptor Index: This field indicates the value of the SSNS Descriptor Index field of the Subsystem and Namespace Descriptor (see struct nbft_ssns) whose SSNS Extended Information Descriptor Heap Object Reference field indicates this descriptor.


Flags, see enum nbft_ssns_ext_info_flags.


Controller ID: The controller identifier of the first controller associated with the Admin Queue by the driver. If a controller identifier is not administratively specified or direct configuration is not supported by the driver, then this field shall be cleared to 0h.


Admin Submission Queue Size (ASQSZ): The Admin Submission Queue Size utilized for the respective SSNS by the driver.


DHCP Root Path String Heap Object Reference: If the SSNS DHCP Root Path Override (#NBFT_SSNS_DHCP_ROOT_PATH_OVERRIDE) flag bit is set to 1h, then this field indicates the offset in bytes of a heap object containing an DHCP Root Path String used by the driver. If the SNSS DHCP Root Path Override flag bit is cleared to 0h, then this field is reserved.


struct nbft_ssns_ext_info June 2024 API Manual