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zvbi-chains - Man Page

VBI proxy wrapper


zvbi-chains [ options ]


zvbi-chains is a small wrapper which executes the VBI application given on the command line while overloading several C library calls (such as open(2) and read(2)) so that the application can be forced to access VBI devices via the VBI proxy instead of device files directly.

LD_PRELOAD is used to intercept C library calls and call functions in the libzvbi-chain shared library instead. Parameters given on the command line (e.g. device path) are passed to the library by means of environment variables.


-dev path

Path of a VBI device from which to read data.

-debug level

Enables debug output: 0 = off (default); 1 = warnings, 2 = all messages.


Print a short description of all command line options.

See Also

zvbid(1), v4l-conf(8)
http://zapping.sourceforge.net/  (homepage)


Tom Zoerner (tomzo AT users.sourceforge.net)

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VBI proxy wrapper