zuluSafe - Man Page

command line tool that manages encrypted and unencrypted volumes


This is a simple tool for secure storage of files in a wallet.Added files to the wallet will be stored in a secured file located at


usage: see examples below

To add a file to a wallet,run            : zuluSafe --add     <path to file>
To delete a file in a wallet,run         : zuluSafe --delete  <file name>
To get a file from the wallet,run        : zuluSafe --get     <file name>
To add all files in a folder,run         : zuluSafe --add-all <folder path>
To get a list of files in the wallet,run : zuluSafe --list
To get all files from the wallet,run     : zuluSafe --get-all
To get a list of wallets,run             : zuluSafe --wallets

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