ztee man page

ztee — output buffer and splitter


ztee [ Options... ] [ FILE... ]


ZTee is an output buffer and splitter for use with ZMap output data. ZTee should be used whenever ZMap is piped into an application scanner, placed between ZMap and the application scanner. ZTee writes the transformed output to stdout, and writes the original output to FILE.

See --help for examples.


Basic Options

-r, --raw
Ignore input formatting and pass through raw input. This causes ztee to behavior identical to tee, except with buffering.
-m, --monitor
Print monitor output to stderr
-u, --status-updates-file
Write status updates (monitor data) to a file in CSV format
-l, --log-file=name
File to log to.

Additional Options

-h, --help
Display help
-v, --version
Display version


September 2015 zmap v2.1.1 ztee