zrun - Man Page

automatically uncompress arguments to command

Examples (TL;DR)


zrun command file.gz [...]


Prefixing a shell command with "zrun" causes any compressed files that are arguments of the command to be transparently uncompressed to temp files (not pipes) and the uncompressed files fed to the command.

This is a quick way to run a command that does not itself support compressed files, without manually uncompressing the files.

The following compression types are supported: gz bz2 Z xz lzma lzo

If zrun is linked to some name beginning with z, like zprog, and the link is executed, this is equivalent to executing "zrun prog".


Modifications to the uncompressed temporary file are not fed back into the input file, so using this as a quick way to make an editor support compressed files won't work.


Copyright 2006 by Chung-chieh Shan <ccshan@post.harvard.edu>


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