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zerotier-idtool - Man Page

tool for creating and manipulating ZeroTier identities


zerotier-idtool <command> [args]


zerotier-idtool is a command line utility for doing things with ZeroTier identities. A ZeroTier identity consists of a public/private key pair (or just the public if it's only an identity.public) and a 10-digit hexadecimal ZeroTier address derived from the public key by way of a proof of work based hash function.


When command arguments call for a public or secret (full) identity, the identity can be specified as a path to a file or directly on the command line.


Generate and dump a new identity:

$ zerotier-idtool generate

Generate and write a new identity, both secret and public parts:

$ zerotier-idtool generate identity.secret identity.public

Generate a vanity address that begins with the hex digits "beef" (this will take a while!):

$ zerotier-idtool generate beef.secret beef.public beef

Sign a file with an identity's secret key:

$ zerotier-idtool sign identity.secret last_will_and_testament.txt

Verify a file's signature with a public key:

$ zerotier-idtool verify identity.public last_will_and_testament.txt

See Also

zerotier-one(8), zerotier-cli(1)

Referenced By

zerotier-cli(1), zerotier-one(8).

December 2016