zckdl - Man Page

download a zchunk file


zckdl[--fail-no-ranges] [-q | --quiet] [-s file | --source=file] [-v | --verbose] url
zckdl-? | --help | --usage | --version


The zckdl utility attempts to download a zchunk file in an optimized way, taking into consideration the chunked structure.

The zckdl utility accepts the following optional arguments:


If the server does not support ranges, fail instead of downloading the whole file.

-q | --quiet

Quiet operation; only display warning and error messages. If specified twice, only display error messages.

-s | --source

Specify the file to use as a source with the premise that most of the chunks in the downloaded file will be the same.

-v, --verbose

Verbose operation; display some diagnostic output.

-?, --help

Display program usage information and exit.


Display brief program usage information and exit.


Display program version information and exit.

Exit Status

The zckdl utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


Download a zchunk file that is hopefully not much different from the previous version:

zckdl -s doc1.txt.zck https://example.com/doc2.txt.zck

See Also

unzck(1), zck(1), zck_delta_size(1), zck_gen_zdict(1), zck_read_header(1)


The zckdl utility was written by Jonathan Dieter ⟨jdieter@gmail.com⟩. This manual page stub was written by Peter Pentchev ⟨roam@ringlet.net⟩.

Referenced By

unzck(1), zck(1), zck_delta_size(1), zck_gen_zdict(1), zck_read_header(1).

May 31, 2020