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zblocklist - Man Page

zmap IP blacklist tool


zblocklist [ -b <blacklist> ] [ -w <allowlist> ] [ Options... ]


ZBlacklist is a network tool for limiting and deduplicating a list of IP addresses using a blocklist or allowlist.


Basic Options

-b, --blocklist-file=path

File of subnets to exclude, in CIDR notation, one-per line. It is recommended you use this to exclude RFC 1918 addresses, multicast, IANA reserved space, and other IANA special-purpose addresses. An example blocklist file blacklist.conf for this purpose.

-w, --allowlist-file=name

File of subnets to include, in CIDR notation, one-per line. All other subnets will be excluded.

-l, --log-file=name

File to log to.


Disable logging messages to syslog.

-v,  --verbosity

Level of log detail (0-5, default=3)


Don´t deduplicate input addresses. Default is false.


Ignore invalid, malformed, or unresolvable entries in the blocklist/allowlist. Default is false.


Don´t print invalid entries in the input. Default is false.

Additional Options

-h,  --help

Print help and exit

-V,  --version

Print version and exit


June 2017 ZMap