yum-debug-dump - Man Page

redirecting to DNF debug Plugin


The plugin provides two dnf commands:


Writes system RPM configuration to a dump file


Restore the installed packages to the versions written in the dump file. By default, it does not remove already installed versions of install-only packages and only marks those versions that are mentioned in the dump file for installation. The final decision on which versions to keep on the system is left to dnf and can be fine-tuned using the installonly_limit (see dnf.conf(5)) configuration option.


DNF and Yum debug files are not compatible and thus can't be used by the other program.


dnf debug-dump [--norepos] [<filename>]

dnf debug-restore [--output] [--install-latest] [--ignore-arch] [--filter-types = [install,remove,replace]] <filename>



File to write dump to or read from.


All general DNF options are accepted, see Options in dnf(8) for details.

dnf debug-dump


Do not dump content of enabled repos.

dnf debug-restore


Limit package changes to specified type.


When installing package ignore architecture and install missing packages matching the name, epoch, version and release.


When installing use the latest package of the same name and architecture.


Only output list of packages which will be installed or removed. No actuall changes are done.


Allow removal of install-only packages. Using this option may result in an attempt to remove the running kernel version (in situations when the currently running kernel version is not part of the dump file).


See AUTHORS in your Core DNF Plugins distribution

Referenced By

dnf-utils(1), yum-utils(1).

Feb 08, 2024 4.5.0 dnf-plugins-core