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yubihsm-auth - Man Page

manual page for yubihsm-auth 2.5.0


yubihsm-auth [OPTION]...


-h,  --help

Print help and exit

-V,  --version

Print version and exit

-a,  --action=ENUM

Action to perform  (possible values="calculate", "change-mgmkey", "delete", "list", "put", "reset", "retries", "version", "get-challenge", "get-pubkey")

-k,  --mgmkey=STRING

Management key is required to put and delete credentials. Sometimes, this key is also referenced as 'Admin Access Code' (default=`00000000000000000000000000000000')

-K,  --new-mgmkey=STRING

New management key  (default=`')

-p,  --credpwd=STRING

Credential password is used to access the credential when logging into the YubiHSM2. Sometimes, this password is also referenced as 'User Access Code'  (default=`')

-l,  --label=STRING

Credential label  (default=`')

-r,  --reader=STRING

Only use a matching reader  (default=`')

-t,  --touch=ENUM

Touch required  (possible values="off", "on" default=`off')

-c,  --context=STRING

Session keys calculation context  (default=`')

-v,  --verbose[=INT]

Print more information  (default=`0')

Mode: derivation

Derive keys from a password using PBKDF2 -d, --derivation-password=STRING

Derivation password for encryption and MAC keys


Mode: explicit

Explicit encryption and MAC keys -e, --enckey=STRING           Encryption key  (default=`') -m, --mackey=STRING           MAC key  (default=`')

Mode: asymmetric

Explicit ec-p256 private key -s, --privkey=STRING          Private key  (default=`')


April 2024 yubihsm-auth 2.5.0