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ypcat - Man Page

print values of all keys in a NIS database


ypcat [ -kt ] [ -d domain ] [ -h hostname ] mapname
ypcat -x


ypcat prints the values of all keys from the NIS database specified by mapname, which may be a map name or a map nickname.


-d domain

Specify a domain other than the default domain as returned by domainname(8).

-h hostname

Specify a hostname other than the default one as found by ypbind(8).


Display map keys. This option is useful with maps in which the values are null or the key is not part of the value.


This option inhibits map nickname translation.


Display the map nickname translation table.



map nickname translation table.

See Also

domainname(8), nicknames(5), ypbind(8), ypmatch(1), yppoll(8), ypserv(8), ypset(8), ypwhich(1)


ypcat is part of the yp-tools package, which was written by Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@linux-nis.org>.

Referenced By

lbdbq(1), nicknames(5), pmdashping(1), rpc.yppasswdd(8), ypmatch(1), yppasswd(1), ypserv(8), ypwhich(1).

April 2010 YP Tools 4.2.3