yolk man page

yolk — manual page for yolk 0.4.2


usage: yolk [options] <package_name> <version>


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --version

Show yolk version and exit.

Query installed Python packages:

The following options show information about Python packages installed by setuptools. Activated packages are normal packages on sys.path that can be imported. Non-activated packages need 'pkg_resources.require()' before they can be imported, such as packages installed with 'easy_install --multi-version'

-l, --list
List all packages installed by setuptools.
-a, --activated
List only activated packages installed by setuptools.
-n, --non-activated
List only non-activated packages installed by setuptools.
-m, --metadata
Show all metadata for packages installed by setuptools (use with -l -a or -n)
-f FIELDS, --fields=FIELDS
Show specific metadata fields. (use with -l -a or -n)
-d, --depends

Show dependencies for a package installed by setuptools if they are available. (use with -l -a or -n)

PyPI (Cheese Shop) options:

The following options query the Python Package Index:

-C, --use-cached-pkglist
Use cached package list instead of querying PyPI (Use -F to force retrieving list.)
-D, --download-links
Show download URL's for package listed on PyPI.
-F, --fetch-package-list
Fetch and cache list of packages from PyPI.
-H, --browse-homepage
Launch web browser at home page for package.
-L, --latest
Show last 20 updates on PyPI.
-M, --query-metadata
Show metadata for a package listed on PyPI.
-S, --search
Search PyPI by spec and operator.
-V, --versions-available
Show available versions for given package listeded on PyPI.


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