yices-sat - Man Page

the Yices Sat solver


yices-sat [ options ] file


Runs the Yices SAT solver on an input file in the DIMACS format.


--version,  -V

Display version and exit.

--help,  -h

Display a short help summary.

--model,  -m

Print a model on stdout if the problem is satisfiable.

--verbose,  -v

Print statistics and other data during the search.


Print a statistics summary at the end of the search.

See Also

yices(1), yices-smt(1), yices-smt2(1)

For bug reporting and other information, please visit http://yices.csl.sri.com.


Copyright (C) SRI International.

Yices is developed at SRI's Computer Science Laboratory. The main developers are Bruno Dutertre <bruno@csl.sri.com>, Dejan Jovanovic <dejan@csl.sri.com>, Ian A. Mason <iam@csl.sri.com>, and Stephane Graham-Lengrand <stephane.graham-lengrand@sri.com>.

Referenced By

yices(1), yices-smt(1), yices-smt2(1).

October 2021 Yices 2.6.4