yamiencode - Man Page

encode application based on libyami


This program encode the raw YUV file to video bitstream


-i <source yuv filename> load YUV from a file -W <width> -H <height> -o <coded file> optional -b <bitrate: kbps> optional -f <frame rate> optional -c <codec: AVC|VP8|VP9|JPEG> -s <fourcc: NV12|IYUV|YV12> -N <number of frames to encode(camera default 50), useful for camera> --qp <initial qp> optional --rcmode <CBR|CQP> optional --ipperiod <0 (I frame only) | 1 (I and P frames) | N (I,P and B frames, B frame number is N-1)> optional --intraperiod <Intra frame period (default 30)> optional --refnum <number of referece frames(default 1)> optional --idrinterval <AVC/HEVC IDR frame interval (default 0)> optional --lowpower <Enable AVC low power mode (default 0, Disabled)> optional


October 2016