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xwm - Man Page

a tiny XCB floating window manager


xwm [-v]


xwm is a tiny floating window manager implemented using the XCB protocol. Other than xcb-util-keysyms(1), xwm relies on third-party tools, which can be configured or expanded to meet the user's preference. The default configuration provides support and command aliases for the surf(1) web browser, st(1) terminal emulator and dmenu(1) application launcher.



Prints the current xwm version.

Default Key Bindings

xwm may be controlled from an attached client using a key combination of a prefix key, the 'Super' (Win) key by default, followed by a command key.

The default command key bindings are:

SuperMouseButton1Raise focused window to top of stack.
SuperMouseButton3Raise focused window to top of stack.
Super-MouseButton1[drag]Interactive window move.
Super-MouseButton3[drag]Interactive window resize.
SuperSpaceRun launcher menu (default: dmenu_run).
SuperEnterCreate new terminal window (default: st).
SuperbCreate new browser window (default: surf).
SuperfFull-screen focused window.
SuperqKill focused window.
Super-ShiftqQuite window manager.


No known bugs.


Michael Czigler <michaelczigler[at]mcpcpc[dot]com>

See Also

livxcb(1), st(1), surf(1), dmenu(1)


NOVEMBER 2020 Linux User Manuals