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xtotroff - Man Page

convert X font metrics into groff font metrics


xtotroff[-d destination-directory] [-r resolution] [-s type-size] font-map


xtotroff uses font-map to create groff(1) font description files from X11 fonts. Each line in font-map consists of a series of lines of paired groff font names and X font names as X Logical Font Description (XLFD) patterns, with the pair members separated by spaces and/or tabs. For example, an input font-map file consisting of the line

TB -adobe-times-bold-r-normal--*-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1

maps the XLFD on the right to the groff font name TB, conventionally “Times bold”.

xtotroff opens a connection to the running X server to query its font catalog, and aborts if it cannot. If necessary, the wildcards in the XLFD patterns are populated with the arguments to the -r and -s options. If a font name is still ambiguous, xtotroff aborts. For each successful mapping, xtotroff creates a groff font description file in the current working directory (or that specified by the -d option) named for each groff font, and reports the mapping to the standard output stream.


displays a usage message, while -v and --version show version information; all exit afterward.
-d destination-directory

Write font descriptions to destination-directory rather than the current working directory.

-r resolution

Set the resolution for all font patterns in font-map. The value is used for both the horizontal and vertical motion quanta. If not specified, a resolution of 75dpi is assumed.

-s type-size

Set the type size in points for all font patterns in font-map. If not specified, a size of 10 points is assumed.



is the font mapping file used to produce the pre-generated font description files, supplied with groff, of X11 core fonts corresponding to the 13 base Type 1 fonts for PostScript level 1.


The only supported font encodings are “iso8859-1” and “adobe-fontspecific”.

See also

“X Logical Font Description Conventions”, by Jim Flowers and Stephen Gildea.

X(7), groff(1), gxditview(1), troff(1), groff_font(5)

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24 January 2024 groff 1.23.0