xt_geoip_query - Man Page

dump a country database to stdout


xt_geoip_query [-D database_dir] [-4] [-6] cc [ cc ... ]


xt_geoip_query reads a country's IPv4 or IPv6 databases and dumps them to standard output as a sorted, non-overlapping list of ranges (which is how they are represented in the database), suitable for browsing or further processing.

-D database_dir

Specifies the directory into which the files have been put. Defaults to ".".


Specifies IPv4 data only.


Specifies IPv6 data only.

cc [ cc ... ]

The ISO 3166 country code names of the desired countries' databases.


Shell command to dump the list of Swiss IPv6 address ranges:

xt_geoip_query -D /usr/share/xt_geoip -6 ch

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