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xsecurelock - Man Page

X11 screen lock utility


[options] xsecurelock [– command-to-run-when-locked]


XSecureLock is an X11 screen lock utility designed with the primary goal of security.

It locks the current X11 session, and only allows unlocking if the user authenticates to it (typically with the login password).

While locked, it can launch a screen saver process and then waits for input events. Upon an input event, it displays a login dialog to allow for unlocking.


Options are set as environment variables prior to invoking XSecureLock; the following variables are available:

Additionally, XSecureLock spawns the command-to-run-when-locked once locking is complete; this can be used as a notification mechanism if desired.

Reporting Bugs

The official bug tracker is at <https://github.com/google/xsecurelock/issues/>.

See Also

xss-lock (1), xautolock (1).

The README.md file included with XSecureLock contains full documentation.

The XSecureLock source code and all documentation may be downloaded on <https://github.com/google/xsecurelock/>.


Rudolf Polzer.


April 15, 2019 XSecureLock User Manual