xrd man page

xrd — xrootd file and directory meta-data utility


xrd [host] [options] [command]

options: [-DSpname stringval] [-DIpname numberval] [options]
         [-Oopaqueinfo] [-h]


This tool is DEPRECATED. Please use xrdfs instead.

The xrd utility executes meta-data oriented operations (e.g., ls, mv, rm, etc.) on one or more xrootd servers. Usage synopsis can be displayed by typing "xrd -h". Command help is available by invoking xrd with no command line options or parameters and then typing "help" in response to the input prompt.


-DSpname stringval
set the internal parameter pname with the string value stringval.
-DIpname numberval
set the internal parameter pname with the numeric value numberval.
add opaque information opaqueinfo to any path.
display usage information.


See XrdClientConst.hh for a list of parameters. Documentation for all components associated with xrd can be found at http://xrootd.org/docs.html


Errors yield an error message and a non-zero exit status.


License terms can be displayed by typing "xrootd -H".

Support Level

The xrd command is supported by the xrootd collaboration. Contact information can be found at