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xpra_launcher - Man Page

User interface to connect to a Xpra session


xpra_launcher [FILENAME]


xpra_launcher is a tool which enables you to connect to a remote xpra(1) session using a graphical user interface. It is able to read a pre-configured session file.

When called without FILENAME, xpra_launcher will spawn a GTK window allowing you to set the connection parameters easily. If FILENAME is specified, the parameters in the GUI will be set to the values specified in the session file. Additionally, if the session file contains the special parameter "autoconnect", xpra_launcher will skip displaying the parameters window and will establish the connection directly.

Session File

The format of the session file passed to xpra_launcher as a parameter is a series of parameter = value lines. Most of the options available through the xpra command line are also available in the session file. For instance:


Specify the remote host to connect to.


Specify the remote port to connect to.


Specify the encoding type to use: h264, jpeg, png, ... See xpra --help for the full list of available encodings.


Set the image quality when using lossy encodings. Values are 1-100.


Connection mode: tcp or ssh.


Specify whether to establish connection immediately (True) or simply pre-fill the parameters for the user to review (False, the default).

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