xpad - Man Page

A sticky notes application for GTK+ 3.0


xpad [Options]


A sticky notes application for GTK+ 3.0.


-v,  --version

Display version information.

-?,  --help

Display usage information.

-h,  --hide

Hides existing pads on startup.  All pads will be hidden, so unless the tray icon is present or you also specify --new, xpad will exit immediately.

-s,  --show

Shows existing pads on startup.

-t,  --toggle

Toggle between showing and hiding each of the existing pads on startup.

-n,  --new

Open a new pad.

-N,  --no-new

Prevents xpad from making a new pad on startup.  A new pad would be created if xpad is already running and is run again or if there are no old pads to load.

-f,  --new-from-file=FILE

Create a new pad with the contents of a file

-q,  --quit

Closes all open pads and terminates the xpad processes.


Written by Michael Terry <mike@mterry.name> and Arthur Borsboom <arthurborsboom@gmail.com>.


June 21, 2014