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xournalpp - Man Page

open-source hand note-taking program



com.github.xournalpp.xournalpp [OPTIONâ.¦]

Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options


Show all help options


Show GApplication options


Show GTK+ Options


Display advanced export options

Application Options

-n,  --page=N

Jump to Page (first Page: 1)


Get version of xournalpp


Disable audio for this session


X display to use

-p,  --create-pdf=PDFFILE

Export FILE as PDF

-i,  --create-img=IMGFILE

Export FILE as image files (one per page) Guess the output format from the extension of IMGFILE Supported formats: .png, .svg


Please visit our website https://xournalpp.github.io to learn about how to configure and use Xournal++ and where you can get help!


In order to use plugins you must have Lua 5.3 installed. A detailed description of how to write and use plugins is provided on the website.

Environment Variables

A custom "locale" directory for localization files can be specified via the enivronment variable $TEXTDOMAINDIR.


March 2024 xournalpp 1.2.3