xnvme-idfy - Man Page

Execute an User-defined Identify Command


xnvme idfy <uri> [<args>]


Execute an User-defined Identify Command



Device URI e.g. '/dev/nvme0n1', '0000:01:00.1', '', '\.PhysicalDrive1'

--cns 0xNUM

Controller or Namespace Struct


[ --cntid 0xNUM ]

Controller Identifier

[ --nsid 0xNUM ]

Namespace Identifier for Command Construction

[ --setid 0xNUM ]

NVM Set Identifier

[ --uuid 0xNUM ]

Universally Unique Identifier

[ --data-output FILE ]

Path to data output-file

[ --subnqn STRING ]

Subsystem NQN of the NVMe over Fabrics endpoint e.g. 'nqn.2022-06.io.xnvme:ctrlnode1'

[ --hostnqn STRING ]

The host NQN to use when connecting to NVMe over Fabrics controllers

[ --be STRING ]

xNVMe backend, e.g. 'linux', 'spdk', 'fbsd', 'macos', 'posix', 'windows'

[ --dev-nsid 0xNUM ]

Namespace Identifier for Device Handle

[ --admin STRING ]

xNVMe admin. command-interface, e.g. 'nvme', 'block'

[ --mem STRING ]

xNVMe buffer/memory manager

[ --direct NUM ]

Bypass layers

[ --help ]

Show usage / help

See Also

Full documentation at: <https://xnvme.io/>


Written by Simon A. F. Lund <simon.lund@samsung.com> on behalf of Samsung

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