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xml2stems - Man Page

Verilator XML to rtlbrowse stems conversion.


xml2stems [option]... INFILE [OUTFILE]


Converts Verilator XML AST representation to stems file for use with rtlbrowse.   Intended to replace the obsolete vermin, and in the future, advanced tool features may possibly use additional data provided by the Verilator AST. Using "-" as an input filename reads from stdin.  Omitting the output filename outputs to stdout.



Adds TOP hierarchy for Verilator sim.  Not necessary for other simulators.


Display help then exit.


The following is a chain of commands to compile Verilog source and then bring up gtkwave and rtlbrowse together for source code annotation. This assumes the file des.fst was already generated from a prior simulation.

verilator -Wno-fatal des.v -xml-only --bbox-sys

xml2stems obj_dir/Vdes.xml des.stems

gtkwave -t des.stems des.fst


Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

See Also

rtlbrowse(1) gtkwave(1)

Referenced By

gtkwave(1), rtlbrowse(1).

3.3.93 Anthony Bybell Filetype Conversion