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xml2asc - Man Page

convert UTF-8 to &#nnn; entities




Reads an UTF-8 encoded text from standard input and writes to standard output, converting all non-ASCII characters to &#nnn; entities, so that the result is ASCII-encoded.

One example use is to convert ISO-8859-1 to ASCII with &#nnn; entities, by first running asc2xml to convert ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 and then pipe the result into xml2asc to convert to ASCII with &#nnn; entities for all accented characters.

To test if a file is correct UTF-8, ignore the output and test the exit code, e.g. in Bash:

xml2asc <myfile >/dev/null && echo "OK" || echo "Fail"


xml2asc returns with a non-zero exit code if the input was not UTF-8.

See Also

asc2xml(1), UTF-8 (RFC 2279)


Doesn't distinguish mark-up from content, so if the input uses non-ASCII characters in XML element names, they will be output with numerical entities in them, which is not legal in XML.

Referenced By

asc2xml(1), hxaddid(1), hxcite(1), hxcite-mkbib(1), hxcount(1), hxincl(1), hxindex(1), hxmkbib(1), hxname2id(1), hxnormalize(1), hxref(1), hxremove(1), hxselect(1), hxtoc(1), hxunent(1), hxwls(1).

10 Jul 2011 7.x HTML-XML-utils