xmedcon - Man Page

MedCon with GUI for the X Window System


xmedcon [options] [-f <file>]


xmedcon [--help | <file>]


XMedCon is an X-Windows graphical userinterface built around the MedCon library. The program is capable of reading grayscale (reconstructed) medical image formats with multiple images and is based on the amazing Gtk+ and Imlib libraries.

For more help read the related HTML files which can be send to a Netscape Browser from within the program. For information about the possible MedCon options that can be set directly from the command-line type 'xmedcon --help' or read the man-page medcon(1).


/usr/local/xmedcon/includeDirectory with header files.
/usr/local/xmedcon/lib/Directory with libraries.
/usr/local/xmedcon/bin/Directory with executables.
/usr/local/xmedcon/man/Directory with man-pages.
/usr/local/xmedcon/etc/Directory with rcfiles.

See Also

medcon(1), xmedcon-config(1)

m-acr(4), m-anlz(4), m-gif(4), m-inw(4), m-intf(4), m-ecat(4)



(X)MedCon project was originally written by Erik Nolf (eNlf) for the former PET-Centre at Ghent University (Belgium).


Referenced By

m-acr(4), m-anlz(4), m-ecat(4), medcon(1), medcon(3), m-gif(4), m-intf(4), m-inw(4), xmedcon-config(1).