xkbcli-interactive-wayland - Man Page

interactive debugger for XKB keymaps


xkbcli interactive-wayland[options]


xkbcli interactive-wayland is a commandline tool to interactively debug XKB keymaps by listening to Wayland events.

This requires a Wayland compositor to be running.

Press the ⟨Escape⟩ key to exit.

This is a debugging tool, its behavior or output is not guaranteed to be stable.


Print help and exit


Enable Compose functionality

See Also

xkbcli(1), xkbcli-interactive-evdev(1), xkbcli-interactive-x11(1), The libxkbcommon online documentation

Referenced By

xkbcli(1), xkbcli-interactive-evdev(1), xkbcli-interactive-x11(1).

July 27, 2020