xkbcli-interactive-evdev - Man Page

interactive debugger for XKB keymaps


xkbcli interactive-evdev[options]


xkbcli interactive-evdev is a commandline tool to interactively debug XKB keymaps by listening to /dev/input/eventX evdev devices.

xkbcli interactive-evdev requires permission to open the evdev device nodes. This usually requires being the “root” user or belonging to the “input” group.

Press the ⟨Escape⟩ key to exit.

This is a debugging tool, its behavior or output is not guaranteed to be stable.


Print help and exit

--rules rules

The XKB ruleset

--model model

The XKB model

--layout layout

The XKB layout

--variant variant

The XKB layout variant

--option options

The XKB options

--keymap file

Specify a keymap path. This option is mutually exclusive with the RMLVO options.


Report changes to the keyboard state


Enable Compose functionality

--consumed-mode {xkb|gtk}

Set the consumed modifiers mode (default: xkb)


Don't add an offset of 8 when converting an evdev keycode to an XKB keycode. You probably don't want this option.

See Also

xkbcli(1), xkbcli-interactive-wayland(1), xkbcli-interactive-x11(1), The libxkbcommon online documentation

Referenced By

xkbcli(1), xkbcli-interactive-x11(1).

July 27, 2020