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xiphos-nav - Man Page

Navigating Xiphos to a verse reference


xiphos-nav URL


xiphos-nav is a command line utility which induce Xiphos to react to a URL request using dbus.  Invoke it as e.g. 'xiphos-nav sword://ESV/Gen.1.1'. Normal use is that it's used as your desktop environment's handler for sword:// URLs.  If dbus access attempt fails, it concludes that Xiphos is not running and starts a new Xiphos with that URL.  With this, you can click URLs of that sort in web pages and so forth, and Xiphos will be navigated for you.  The dbus interface also supports a search interface, used by bibledit.


Please report bugs online at: https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos/issues


xiphos-nav was written by the Xiphos Developer Team. <xiphos-devel@crosswire.org>


Feb 2020 xiphos-nav 4.2.1 Xiphos Utilities