xine-remote - Man Page

a small tool to connect xine remote control server.


xine-remote [options]


This manual page documents briefly the xine-remote tool.

xine-remote can replace a raw telnet connection to a xine remote control server. It use the readline facilities (completion, vi/emacs shortcuts, command history, etc...). By default, it try to connect the localhost, using the default port (see xine(1)).


The program follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long ioptions starting with two dashes (`-´). A summary of options are included below.

-H--host <hostname>

Try to connect <hostname>.

-P--port <port>

Try to connect the host using <port>.

-c--command <command>

Send <command> to server then quit. The command should be single quoted if it contain spaces or special characters.


Do not initiate the connection on startup.


Display version.


Display options summary.


Few commands are available, which are used to open or close a connection:


Display available commands (the xine-remote ones + server ones when connection is established).

help <command>

Display the purpose of <command>, if that is omitted, display available commands.

syntax <command>

Display the usage of <command>.


Display version.

open <server[:port]>

Open connection to server. A port can be optionally specified, using colon (:) separator.


Close connection.


Leaving xine-remote.

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This manual page was written by Daniel Caujolle-Bert <> for the xine project.

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