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xine-list-1.2 - Man Page

get supported filetype information from xine-lib


xine-list-1.2 [options...]


xine-list-1.2 is a tool that is used to list the MIME type and filename extension information known and supported by the installed xine-lib. It is of use in filling in MIME information in front ends' desktop files.


xine-list-1.2 accepts the following options:


--mime-types List the MIME types known to xine-lib. (This is the default action.)


--extensions List the file types (filename extensions) known to xine-lib.


--all List the MIME types known to xine-lib, along with their filename extensions and descriptions.


--pretty-print Add line feeds; print each item on a line of its own.


2001-08-28 The xine project