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xgpsspeed - Man Page

X speedometer for gpsd


xgpsspeed [Options] [service[:port[:device]]]

xgpsspeed -h

xgpsspeed -V


xgpsspeed is a speedometer that uses position information from gpsd.

The default display mode is a speed and track presentation modeled after a marine navigation display; for backward compatibility the --nautical option forces this mode. The --landspeed option produces a simple speedometer.

The --speedunits option can be used to set the speed units for display; follow the keyword with "knots" for nautical miles per hour, "kmh" for kilometers per hour, or "mph" for miles per hour. The default is miles per hour.

In the nautical mode only, --maxspeed sets the maximum on the speedometer.

xgpsspeed will run fine as a normal user, and fine as root.  Running xgpsspeed under sudo will cause some loss of functionality.


-?,  -h,  --help

Causes the client to emit a summary of its options and then exit.

-device DEVICE

The device on the host to connect to. The default is empty (any).

-D LVL, --debug LVL

Sets the debug level, it is primarily for use by GPSD developers. It enables various progress messages to standard error.

--host HOST

The host (server) to connect to. The default is localhost.

-p PORT, --port PORT

The port to connect to. The default is 2947.

-V,  --version

This option causes each client to dump the package version and exit.


By default, clients collect data from the local gpsd daemon running on localhost, using the default GPSD port 2947. The optional argument to any client may override this behavior: [server[:port[:device]]]

For further explanation, and examples, see the ARGUMENTS section in the gps(1) man page


The environment variable GPSD_UNITS is checked if no unit system is specified on the command line.  It may be set to 'i'. 'imperial', 'm', 'metric', or 'n', 'nautical'.

LC_MEASUREMENT and then LANG are checked if no unit system has been specified on the command line, or in GPSD_UNITS. If the value is 'C', 'POSIX', or begins with 'en_US' the unit system is set to imperial. The default if no system has been selected defaults to metric.

Return Values


on success.


on failure

See Also

gpsd(8), gps(1), xgps(1)


Project web site: https://gpsd.io/


This file is Copyright 2013 by the GPSD project
SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-clause


Chen Wei

Robin Wittler

Referenced By

cgps(1), gegps(1), gps(1), lcdgps(1), xgps(1).

2023-01-10 GPSD, Version 3.25 GPSD Documentation