xgfupdate man page

xgfupdate — updates an Xgridfit program file to the latest version.


xgfupdate file


Xgfupdate is a utility that updates an Xgridfit program file so that it validates against the current xgridfit.rnc schema. Xgfupdate outputs the updated file to stdout. To capture the output in a file, use this syntax:

    $xgfupdate [options] infile > outfile



Display a help message and exit.

-v 1|2

Choose a mode in which to run Xgfupdate. "1" updates an Xgridfit program so that it will validate against the 2.0 schema. "2" updates an Xgridfit program from version 1.x or 2.0 to version 2.1 by adding the Xgridfit namespace; it also revises XInclude elements to be aware of the Xgridfit namespace.



/usr/share/xml/xgridfit/util/xgf-add-namespace.xsl XSLT scripts that do the updating.


A Sed script that does some formatting of the output.

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Xgfupdate was written by Peter Baker <psb6m@virginia.edu>.

This manual page was written by Peter Baker

Referenced By

xgfconfig(1), xgridfit(1).