xfce4-screensaver-command - Man Page

controls Xfce screensaver


xfce4-screensaver-command [OPTION...]


xfce4-screensaver-command is a tool for controlling an already running instance of xfce4-screensaver.



Causes the screensaver to exit gracefully

-q,  --query

Query the state of the screensaver

-t,  --time

Query the length of time the screensaver has been active

-l,  --lock

Tells the running screensaver process to lock the screen immediately

-c,  --cycle

If the screensaver is active then switch to another graphics demo

-a,  --activate

Turn the screensaver on (blank the screen)

-d,  --deactivate

If the screensaver is active then deactivate it (un-blank the screen)

-p,  --poke

Poke the running screensaver to simulate user activity

-i,  --inhibit

Inhibit the screensaver from activating. Command blocks while inhibit is active.

-n,  --application-name

The calling application that is inhibiting the screensaver

-r,  --reason

The reason for inhibiting the screensaver

-V,  --version

Version of this application


This manual page was originally written by Sven Arvidsson <sa@whiz.se> for gnome-screensaver-command.

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Referenced By

xfce4-screensaver(1), xfce4-screensaver-preferences(1).

2018-10-14 Xfce Desktop Environment