xca_db_stat man page

xca_db_stat — XCA database analyse tool
A small application to display the contents of an XCA  database


xca_db_stat <database name>
xca_db_stat [-h/--help]


This tool reads an XCA database and dumps the meta data of the different chunks.The XCA database is actually only a collection of different chunks containing keys, certificates, certificate signing requests, templates and CRLs. Each chunk is prefixed by a header containing a magic, the total length, the version of the chunk, the PKI type and the internal name. How to read the contents of a chunk depends on the type and the version.

The header format is:

typedef struct {
       uint32_t magic;      /* 0xcadb1969 */
       uint32_t len;        /* length of this entry */
       uint16_t headver;    /* Header version, currently 1 */
       uint16_t type;       /* PKI type */
       uint16_t version;    /* version of the chunk */
       uint16_t flags;      /* deleted(1) outdated(2) */
       char name[80];       /* name of the entry */
} db_header_t ;


This manual page was written by Christian Hohnstaedt <christian@hohnstaedt.de>