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xbcrypt — Percona xbcrypt Documentation

To support encryption and decryption of the backups, a new tool xbcrypt was introduced to Percona XtraBackup.

This utility has been modeled after xbstream_binary to perform encryption and decryption outside of Percona XtraBackup. Xbcrypt has following command line options:

-d,  --decrypt

Decrypt data input to output.

-i,  --input=name

Optional input file. If not specified, input will be read from standard input.

-o,  --output=name

Optional output file. If not specified, output will be written to standard output.

-a,  --encrypt-algo=name

Encryption algorithm.

-k,  --encrypt-key=name

Encryption key.

-f,  --encrypt-key-file=name

File which contains encryption key.

-s,  --encrypt-chunk-size=#

Size of working buffer for encryption in bytes. The default value is 64K.

-v,  --verbose

Display verbose status output.


Percona LLC and/or its affiliates


Oct 03, 2019 2.3.5 Percona XtraBackup