xbanish - Man Page

hide the X11 mouse cursor when a key is pressed


xbanish[-a] [-d] [-i modifier] [-m [w]nw|ne|sw|se] [-t seconds] [-s]


xbanish hides the X11 mouse cursor when a key is pressed. The cursor is shown again when it is moved or a mouse button is pressed. This is similar to the xterm(1) setting pointerMode but the effect is global in the X11 session.



Always keep mouse cursor hidden while xbanish is running.


Print debugging messages to stdout.

-i modifier

Ignore pressed key if modifier is used. Modifiers are: shift, lock (CapsLock), control, mod1 (Alt or Meta), mod2 (NumLock), mod3 (Hyper), mod4 (Super, Windows, or Command), mod5 (ISO Level 3 Shift), and all

-m [w]nw|ne|sw|se

When hiding the mouse cursor, move it to this corner of the screen or current window, then move it back when showing the cursor.

-t seconds

Hide the mouse cursor after seconds have passed without mouse movement.


Ignore scrolling events.

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xbanish was written by joshua stein <jcs@jcs.org>.


March 13, 2020