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xas — X-Chat aMule Statistics




xas is a plugin for xchat. For loading see your xchat documentation. After loading  type /xas and it will send statistics to the channel you are in. These  are taken from your Online Signature file. For this to work, you must enable the "Online Signature" option in aMule's preferences.

To enable it on every startup of xchat you can just run the autostart-xas script (in /usr/bin if you installed with --prefix=/usr).

xas was originally written by niet

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs either on our forum (http://forum.amule.org/), or in our bugtracker (http://bugs.amule.org/). Please do not report bugs in e-mail, neither to our mailing list nor directly to any team member.

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This manpage was written by Vollstrecker <amule@vollstreckernet.de>

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alcc(1), amule(1), amulegui(1).

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