x42-fil4 - Man Page

x42 JACK Parametric Equalizer


x42-fil4 [ Options ] [ Plugin-ID or URI ]


x42-fil4 - JACK Parametric EQ

This is a standalone JACK application of a collection of LV2 plugins. Use ID -1, -l or --list for a dedicated list of included plugins. By default the first listed plugin (ID 0) is used.

List of available plugins: (ID "Name" URI)


"x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Stereo" http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fil4#stereo


"x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Mono" http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fil4#mono

Usage: All control elements are operated in using the mouse:


left/down: decrease, right/up: increase value. Hold the Ctrl key to increase sensitivity.


reset to default value


up/down by 1 step (smallest possible adjustment for given setting). Rapid continuous scrolling increases the step-size.

The application can be closed by sending a SIGTERM (CTRL+C) on the command-line of by closing the window.


-h,  --help

Display this help and exit

-j,  --jack-name <name>

Set the JACK client name (defaults to plugin-name)

-G,  --nogui

run headless, useful for OSC remote ctrl.

-l,  --list

Print list of available plugins and exit

-O <port>, --osc <port>

Listen for OSC messages on the given UDP port

-p <idx>:<val>, --port <idx>:<val>

Set initial value for given control port

-P,  --portlist

Print control port list on startup


Print available OSC commands and exit

-V,  --version

Print version information and exit

See also: <http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/fil4> Website: <http://x42-plugins.com/>


September 2023 x42-fil4 version 0.8.8